Saturday, December 30, 2006

Stand up! (musings)

Ok stay with me for a second. There are two guys both drowning in only three feet of water. Both screaming for help. A nice bystander on the beach sees what is happening and yells back, “Stand up!” One guy puts his feet down and stands up, saving his own life, changing his future. The other guy continues to thrash about and eventually drowns, still wondering why no one came and fixed his problem for him.

That, overly simplified, is how I see people most of the time. It is not about color, money, height, weight, looks, or nationality. No, for the most part there are only two types of people; those that act upon Life and those that make excuses and wait for Life to act upon them. From the outside you can’t tell but talk to someone a little, ask a few questions, listen to them complain about their job some or talk about their future plans, and you quickly find whether they are willing to stand up or not.

If you want some glowing examples take a look through some of the post on
MSN money message boards. WOW, you quickly find examples of both. Some people post asking for advice on how to get out of a difficult situation. Tons of good people spend their good time replying to only have their advice dismissed out of hand. “I couldn’t possibly cut back on (take your pick), no a second job is impossible for me.” The excuses flow almost faster than the advice can be given. It drives me nuts. Why ask for advice if you aren’t willing to take any? “Help I’m drowning in 3 feet of water.” “Stand up!” but they won’t.

Then I come across this (
post) today. It is about some 19 year old kid going to school, working two jobs, and already looking toward his future. On the surface this seems like the type of guy that acts upon his life. The way I see it if he keeps working to impact his life and future then one day (perhaps at my age) he will realize his life is good and just the way he designed it. Good for him making the effort to stand up.

What makes someone believe they can impact their lives and someone else content to offer excuses and take whatever live gives out?

That’s it for today. Encourage and help those willing to stand up and keep an eye on your EveryDay Money.

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