Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Buying ExxonMobil Stock (XOM)

So, the no margin idea went right out the window when things to buy started to pop up.  You can only look at Exxon in the low $80 for so long till you have to get a little.  So yesterday I took a small bit in the $81 range and will wait for it rise.  I have had a little XOM off and on for the better part of 20 years.  That experience and the need for at least one lower beta stock in the group was all it took to jump in again. 

Here’s to watching some companies throughout the years and to keeping an eye on your Everyday Money.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Weekend Weigh In (5/20/2012)

So, this week sucked.  The markets just kept dropping.  It’s hard seeing everything falling and not doing something.  Perhaps I should be doing something?  I have thought about dumping some but haven’t.  And there were moments this week, when I thought about dumping them all but just turned off the computer instead.  For the most part I like what I have and believe that all will recover in time.  Here’s what I have right now.

Alcoa (AA):  Underwater and still waiting.  Next earning date is beginning of July.  I flip back and forth between selling when it recovers enough for a small profit and sticking with it longer term.  If I stick with it longer term it may recover toward that $15+ level.  I just don’t know if I want to have money tied up in it for that long or even how long that might be.  Let’s see how long it takes just to get back to good.

Aflac (AFL):  Underwater and pissed.  Here’s a perfect example of what not to do.  I bought this just before earnings, it jumped up and I was slow to sell.  Since then I have watched it go from profit to loss this week.  Stupid!!  Need to be better if I am to transition to full time trading someday.

Hewlett-Packard Company (HPQ):  Underwater.  There’s talk this week that Meg is going to cut about 25,000 employees.  Looking back I should have passed on this one.  The company just has too much stuff going on.  And it seems that investors are just tired of hearing it all.  I am going to have to wait a couple of quarters for this one to get back to good, I feel.  I bought in that $25 range so it has some swimming to do.

Walgreen Co. (WAG): Underwater.  Walgreen dropped out of what I would call the channel of $32 - $35 range.  Have played this range before a few times and I may have pushed it one too many times.  I am really interested to see how it acts this week.

International Game Technology (IGT): Underwater.  This too I was looking for it to bounce back into that $17 range and it hasn’t done it yet.  So another one that goes on the wait list.

EXCO Resources Inc. (XCO): Underwater.  Still waiting for nat gas prices to go up.  They have been climbing some but I need them to keep climbing.  Still thinking about hanging on to this one and seeing if it might turn into a homerun down the road.

That’s it for this weekend.  I find it is always good to review where I’m at and the good and bad decisions that I have made.

Here’s to a better week than the last one and to keeping an eye on your Everyday Money.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Channel trading Walgreen’s stock (WAG)

So, had my limit order in at the open and it got filled under my price.   Getting filled under my limit price is both good and worrisome at the same time.  It closed today above my buy price so that is a small bit of confront.  The one thing about trading a range bound stock is that it is in a range all the way to the point that it isn’t.  For the past few months that I have traded Walgreen’s stock I always  think that this may be the time when the channel stops.  This is fine, if it breaks to the up side.  So now I wait for the move back up.  Under a month is what it should be if it is like the past times.  I have my sell order just waiting too.  That’s it for today, short and sweet.

Here’s to channel stocks staying in the channel one more time and to keeping an eye on your Everyday Money.