Tuesday, December 05, 2006

A kick in the teeth (trading)

So… I sat and watched as the rocket ship took off this morning. Sandisk (SNDK) was racing up on good volume faster than the closet longs could get to their keyboards and post the
“I told you so”s on the boards.

As the stock and volume continued to rise I started running numbers as visions of a Money Christmas danced in my head. If this go go feeling stayed for a couple of days then, hey, I might actually get called out on my Dec 50s. Then what am I going to do? If it pulls up slightly under $50 by next Friday then the 52.50s or 55s calls of January may be good to sell. And I could make even more money. (Never a bad thing) Work beckoned and I had to push away from the computer and the party going on throughout the message boards. Funny how being right is contagious. For the rest of my day I walked with that little spring in my step. You know the one, the one that comes from being up nicely at the start of your day. (Don’t tell me I am the only one that gets that bounce?)

Finally, I got to check back towards the close. And like that… my air of a good day was kicked out of me. When I left this morning we were closing in on $46.50 up 3 some percent and cruising. At the close THAT stock sat at $45.23. Crap! Screw work. I should have kept watching. My watching was the driving force this morning; I was THE good luck charm. (I am not the only one that has had those thoughts run through their head … am I?) I have been trying to look on the bright side, and just be happy with a positive close. But I can’t. Giving up almost all of this morning’s gains is just a kick in the teeth. Crap!

That’s it for tonight. Here’s to tomorrow being another day. Until then keep your eye on your EveryDay Money

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