Saturday, December 09, 2006

The Buffett way (musings)

So I DVRed this profile on Warren Buffett last night. I have read several books and articles about him and his investing style. I have seen him on 30 seconds sound bites but never in an extended interview. This show was an hour. Most of the interview took place in Omaha with Mr. Buffett driving the reporter around showing off his fair city talking about a wide range of topics.

He drives himself, still lives in the same house he bought 40 some years ago, eats cheeseburgers, takes time out of his day for visiting college kids, and has a good sense of humor. You would think an old man worth billions would have a well groomed driver, personal secretary following him around managing his every minute and like muscle bound ex-Navy SEALs type for bodyguards. Nope.

As the hour came to a close two things kept racing around my head. 1) Mr. Buffett found something he loved to do first then the money followed and flowed. There is a lesson there somewhere. 2) How would serious money change me?

Let’s say we aren’t kidding ourselves and the investments and trading we do eventually makes us some money, money. Would our wealth change us? And if so how?

Many people would love to be able to invest like Mr. Buffett and have the same results as he. For me, after watching that show the thing that I wish and hope to do just like him is to be able to remain myself. I want to get to his age, with my piles of money, and have a long ago friend walk up and say, “Damn. You got old. But you ain’t changed a bit.”

That’s it for today. May we each find a little bit of the Buffett way in ourselves. While we are looking remember to keep your eye on your EveryDay Money.

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