Friday, December 15, 2006

Flashbacks (trading)

As I thought, option expiration day draws to a close and I still have all of my CROX and SNDK. I am down dollars on both positions and ready to make adjustments. SNDK is already on the delete list. I am looking to get out next week, take my modest loss and move on.

Crocs is a little different story. For the past month CROX has shown all the consistency of the girl I dated, long ago, in high school. One day things could not get better and the next she would turn into this chaotic, irrational energy that threatened to propel us both into the abyss. Watching CROX race up yesterday and then drop over 3% today I’ve had all too vivid flashbacks.

Unlike the old girlfriend, my desire to hold Crocs has not changed. I just have decided that with its little tantrums, that always cost me money, I am no longer willing to hold shares that are on margin. Between the banging of the ups and downs and the margin interest clanging everyday it is like insanity in stereo some days. So I will trim down ever so slightly and hold CROX free and clear and wait to see if she can grow up a little. The next few quarters hold great promise, unlike the High School romance I hope Crocs can deliver.

That’s it for today. Here’s to rolling with the punches. Keep your hands up and one eye on your EveryDay Money.

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