Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Fired up (musings)

There are the longs, the shorts, the ones trying to spin people up, and occasionally your ordinary idiot. Stock message boards attract them all. The two key traits seem to be passion and intensity. Nothing gets the blood flowing and the fingers typing like making or losing money and on the boards you have both in quantity everyday. Threads range from the inane to stock analysis that will equal any the “pros” put out.

With so many threads going in so many directions it may seem better and safer (to the ego) to just watch. Don’t! It isn’t double dutch jump rope; there is no “good” place to jump in. Just jump. Be prepared to take your knocks (there’s usually is no shortage of people ready to take a poke at you, no matter how great your post). Have a thick skin, a sense of humor, and some passion. Ask some questions, answer some back, try calling a bottom or a top, take sides, and have some fun with it.

Watching people surf is nice, catching a big wave is better. Before you go to bed tonight find a board and post something, anything. Let me know how it goes.

That’s it for today. Here’s to wanting everyone involved. Between posting and reading keep an eye on your EveryDay Money.

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