Saturday, April 29, 2006


It is so easy, it seems, to lose sight of good things we already have. Well, lose sight is perhaps a bad choice of phrase. Re-value (is that even a real phrase?) would be more descriptive of the feelings flowing through my head a few weeks ago. Routinely my wife and I go for walks in the evening. We try to walk together at least once a week. The walking is not so much exercise but rather a way to spend time together and share ideas. There are times when there is everything to discuss and others when a setting sun gobbles up all the words and treats us to a quiet, free nature’s painting.

The other day, to be different, we walked around the neighborhood across the street. How easy it is to get caught up re-valuing what you own. All of those houses have three car garages, mine has two. All those houses have professional landscaping, ours has a single starter tree and some purple and some white flowers my wife planted. I am sure if I looked they all have four bedrooms and finished basements. Our house has three and exposed concrete and insulation in the basement.

Funny how in the time it takes for a brief walk I can go from being totally great with my house to feeling that it is the “small” one in the area. It did flash through my mind as I walked, “what can I buy to make my house look and be better?” I re-valued for the rest of the walk back. That night I resisted running out and buying something “well deserved”. For the next few nights I thought about what I should buy so my house could “compete” a little better against surrounding houses.

Finally after a few days I stopped contemplating and returned to the thinking I had a year ago when we first moved into the house. I like the home, I like the yard, I like the neighborhood, and above all I love who I am living with. Let others compete against that.

That is it for today. Keep the re-valuing to a minimum, and keep an eye on your EveryDay Money.

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