Sunday, April 02, 2006

Paying for Credit Cards

So I get this very nice envelope in the mail the other day. And inside this very nice envelope is a very nice letter telling me that because of my years of customer loyalty that I have been pre-approved for no-other than a (or should I say) no-other than THE gold card. The first year totally free. I looked closely at the fine fine fine print and after the first year THE card was going to cost me… like 9 million dollars just to have in my pocket. My shredder got an early evening snack.

Folks, People, Smart guys and gals… STOP!! If you are paying any dollar amount every year merely to have the card. Well that behavior (not you personally) is stupid. There are like hundreds of cards that cost you nothing. And if you are good and pay what you owe every month then it is stupid (behavior not you :-) ) not to have a cash back or rewards card making you money every month. With our rewards card that earned us gift certifs my wife now has a digital camera and rechargeable batteries all for a grand price of $10 out of pocket.

Short answer:
1) Don’t pay to have a card
2) Pay your balance off every month
3) Get a good rewards or cash back card
4) Make money off your spending.

That is it for today. Keep an eye on your EveryDay Money

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