Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Buy Time: Alcoa (AA)

So today was the day I thought yesterday would be.  Started in the red and people where jumping out left and right.  It was kind of impressive that we came back to being only 76 down on the Dow after spending most of the day way worse than that.  Tomorrow will be interesting to watch.  With today’s buy I am done for the time being until I can free up some cash.

About the buy.  Yesterday I talked about looking at a couple of stocks and that neither came down enough.  Well today I had my buy limit in at $9.15 for Alcoa and it went through about 10:30.  Aluminum price are for crap right now but AA bounces around enough that I think I can turn a trade with it.  It has been good to me once before.  This past December 23 bought at $8.90 and let it go on January 10th at $9.79. Looking for lighting twice, all I can do now is wait.  Above $10 and I am a seller.
The other stock from yesterday was WAG.  I have done a few round trips with WAG in the last few months and was interested in going again.  I was looking for under $33 but it never came.  Today’s low was $33.18 and it closed at $34.09.  Maybe another time, maybe a different channel.  Out of money right now anyway and don’t have margin level belief in Walgreens with all its headaches right now.  That’s it for today.

Here’s to getting in and to keeping an eye on your Everyday Money.

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