Wednesday, November 29, 2006

X-mas day (trading)

SNDK red 2.32%, CROX green 1.53%. With these one up one down red and green days I don’t know how to feel at the end. This is not the first time they have gone in opposite direction. Red and Green what am I freaking Santa.

Microsoft reported that they now have 9% of market with their ZUNE. (What is this pick a product name by committee?) With their 9% that puts them in the number 2 spot ahead of Sandisk MP3 players. Is that why they continued to fall today? Some on the boards seem to think that is it. Well it was that or simply SNDK is the worst company ever. I would like to think today was more of the first and less of the second. I am glad that my retirement and life style doesn’t ride on the nickels and dimes that I have in this account. Knowing that, it is fun and interesting to watch (all be it painful at times). I am not ready to let it go, at least not yet. Have been looking at the Jan. options already. The plan right now is to sell covered calls again in December to generate a little money coming in. I’ll let your know. And now the GREEN ( yea!)

CROX, my ugly shoe guys bounced a little today. I am not even going to hazard a guess as to why. Some bodies somewhere bought shares and some bodies sold shares and when all was said and done today it was up 1.53%. Good. If they could get back to $45+ and I was called out in Dec. (on half of my position) I would be fine with it. Average price for me is $44.26. I received $1.60 for the calls. If called out in December then .74 + $1.60 = $2.34 divide by $44.26 give me 5.28% return on half of my position for what 25 days. I’ll take that. See I am so much more positive when talking about green stocks. On green Days I almost have that winning stock picker swagger. It is just these freaking X-mas days that my emotions get whipsawed.

That’s it for today, may more of your days than not be Green. And keep you eye on your EveryDay Money

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