Thursday, November 30, 2006

Momma said there'll be days like this

When the market finally closed and the last blinking numbers came across the ticker I wonder if the Nollenberger Capital guy thought he might have trouble hitting water if he were to fall out of a boat? This Nollenberger Capital guy initiated coverage on the shoe guys (CROX) today with a BUY rating to start. Does the market give this guy any love? Nope. CROX closes in the RED. Although in fairness it was down only .69% and on volume less than their 3 month average. But still, it was a BUY rating. Momma said there’ll be days like this… I can hear tonight’s dinner conversation already:

Wife: “Hi honey. How was your day?

Nollenberger Guy: “Well, I started coverage on the company that makes those shoes you like so much. Started them with a BUY rating.”

Wife: “That’s great! Those shoes are so comfortable. You know they come with Disney characters now right? Well anyway what did everyone think about your BUY rating?”

Nollenberger Guy: “The market said, “Shut-up!”

That's it for today. Nollenberger guy keep your head up there is alway tomorrow. Until then keep your eye on your EverDay Money


Anonymous said...

That is some funny stuff. Keep up the good work. You are right about the one extra mortgage payment a year brings a 30yr down to 23yrs.

Anonymous said...

CROX seems like a no brainer, am I missing something material ?