Friday, August 14, 2009

Back into the light

Is it safe to come out yet? Maybe I should begin with is it even safe to look yet? It certainly has been a long while since my last post. When the darkness comes and threatens the very foundation of capitalism I find it best to pull family close and hang on.

A brief recap: Couple of years ago had some CROX stock and a few others in an account that I thought was destined to be my early retirement. The gains were easy, fast, and large. The market cracked. I made one stupid mistake after another. The market broke. My bad trade decisions snowballed into insanity. Tried very hard to run the account to zero and almost succeeded. Ducked and covered for what has felt like decades. Found ETF religion. Am currently in the process of gluing the jagged and charred pieces of my account back together. Took a hesitant step back into the light. Finally back to writing.

Here’s to sunshine on your face, accounts that don’t read zero, and to keeping both eyes on your EveryDayMoney.

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